A Family Legacy of Foresight and Innovation <br>Featuring Flexlon Fabrics Incorporated

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Since 1961, the Pernick family has contributed advances to the knitting industry both through innovation in both technology and business. While the elegant design of Monarch’s feature knitting machinery is credited to Japanese partner Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Company, a close relationship with founder David Pernick was critical to guiding machinery design appropriate for the American markets. A relationship was developed and nurtured across seas, nationalities, and cultures, to create the foundation of what Monarch is today.

What is more significant is that the core relationships Monarch developed with its customers and partners, were developed through three generations. Craig Pernick, President of Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation, says,

“I greatly respect and admire strong relationships within the knitting industry. While knitting was originally a hands-on craft, today the advanced technology for mass production has the potential for distancing people from each other. People in the knitting industry, their families, and the relationships we have with them through this business are invaluable. I want to continue to impress upon everyone the need for building community in our industry.”

Cross-generational and cross-cultural relationships are something that the American knitting industry and its reputation thrives on. The entirety of the textile industry has proven to be family oriented, often with family members working side-by-side to advance their productivity. But business ties are not the only thing to benefit through these relationships. Bart Temperville, CFO of Monarch, says,

“It’s interesting to see that no matter when a customer’s machine was purchased from our company, the knitting capabilities don’t change throughout the machine lifecycle.  The R&D required for our technology is only possible through meaningful relationships that also stand the test of time.”

A close friend and customer, Bo Foster III of Flexlon Fabrics Incorporated, also running a business passed down to him from his father, confirms,

“Oh yes, this is and has been a Monarch house for 3 generations in my family. But what’s really important is that our complex machines keep running and are dependable across generations.”

IMG_2426In 2015, Craig Pernick confidently opened the year with an international advertising campaign and tribute to his father and grandfather, Bruce and David, and Japanese partner Fukuhara (Download the 2015 Tribute ad here). With the new generations coming into the knitting world, Pernick is eager to see how they shape the fashion and textile industry. Monarch continues to see great advances in their company, fine-tuning technology to knit the best quality they can provide…with great respect for the relationships that make it all happen.

Published by Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation, 2015. For more information about Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation or Flexlon Fabrics Incorporated, please email press@monarch-usa.com .