Corporate Profile

Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961 by David Pernick

We Know Knitting Machines.

Today Monarch is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines. It is led today by Bruce’s son, Craig Pernick. Monarch’s reputation has been built on a strong partnership with Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co. Ltd. in Japan.

We Mean Business

Together with Fukuhara, Monarch’s business philosophy has always been to stay ahead of our competitors through continuing technological development and innovation. We believe that the quality of our machines are of paramount importance, but not more so than our customer service and support. This philosophy has enabled us to establish very close working relationships with our customers. We feel that it is the close bond we develop with our customers which enables us to better understand market demands and positions Monarch and Fukuhara to lead the commercial development of new machinery and fabrics in the global marketplace.

From USA to Europe

Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation headquarters are located in Monroe, NC USA and directs business within the Americas. Its Monarch (UK) Ltd. facility is responsible for Europe, Africa and Turkey.